Intelligent, effective and interesting prenatal fitness

Lee's Prenatal courses are intelligent, interesting ways to stay connected to and continue to tone your body throughout pregnancy. These classes focus on issues important for moms-to-be: innervating the pelvic floor, reducing low back pain, addressing postural issues common to pregnant women and improving the central nervous system to reduce stress on the body through functional brain training. Keep your arms and legs toned, stay vital, gain strength, improve your energy and enhance your sense of well-being throughout your pregnancy.

Here are some good rules to follow:

- Do not start an exercise regimen for the first time during pregnancy.

- Only do these workouts if you have already been active prior to pregnancy.

- Always listen to your body and do what feels good for you.

- Make sure to keep body temperature cool.

- Do not exercise beyond an level of perceived exertion beyond a 7 on scale of 1-10.  

Course Contents

3 Videos