The Daily Dose

A 90-day movement challenge that transforms
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Our bodies are meant to move - every day. Every part of our health and vitality is affected by our movement - or lack of it. Muscle contractions are needed to pump blood and lymph through the body against gravity, ensuring better immune system function. Quality movement and balanced muscular development protects joints and improves posture to reduce pain and prevent injury. Most importantly, quality movement is key to brain function.

Motor control lives in the frontal lobe of the brain. So does decision making, will power, behavior change and cognition. When you train the brain for improved motor control you are improving frontal lobe function --- and all these areas of your life are improved. Simply put: move better, feel better, think better.

The Daily Dose is a series of short workouts - between 10 to 20 mins - meant to be done daily. The videos are progressive, well-organized and highly effective combinations of Pilates, Pilates DBT and brain training for better movement. The sequencing is intentional and meant to be followed in order - five days at a time. Use this challenge to build the foundation of a daily practice that will transform, not just your body, but your life.

Course Contents

18 Videos