Lee Vallely has dedicated her life to movement and wellness. She is the current owner and founder of Lee Pilates Method, built on the foundation of contemporary, science-based Pilates principles, the precision of rigorous balletic movement and neuromuscular re-education.  

All her classes and programs offer this high-touch, technically oriented, definitive methodology that emphasizes breath, precision movement and proper body alignment.

The heart of her method is founded on the basis that if you aren't focused on breath, firing from the right muscles and moving with correct alignment, you will never get the results you want- because the body can’t move a muscle that the brain does not connect with.  Lee's highly educational methodology and detailed teaching style is what has distinguished her career in the competitive boutique fitness market and in the Pilates training and education field. It is what works for hundreds of her clients to preserve the longevity of their movement abilities, transform their bodies and deliver real results.

After an eight-year career as a professional ballet and modern dancer in New York and San Francisco, and 20 years as a teacher and consultant in the health and wellness industry, Vallely saw a need for a higher level of education and a commitment to the precision of movement. In 2007 she moved from teaching Pilates for other clubs, and consulting and developing large corporate fitness programs in Austin and around the country to found RedBird Pilates & Fitness. Vallely grew a successful and thriving boutique studio business for 12 years which grew year over year, necessitating four moves to progressively larger studios.

In addition to her signature Pilates and Pilates Dance-Based Toning (DBT) programs, she brings neuromuscular re-education to all her curriculum.  She established a long-standing partnership with Texas State’s Physical Therapy doctoral department to co-develop a longitudinal study to measure and track client outcomes for continuous Pilates practice.  In 2010 she founded her rigorous 450-hour Redbird Pilates Teacher Training School.  Aligning with Pilates Method Alliance, her Pilates teacher training program prepares students to sit for the rigorous PMA national exam.  Her graduates teach around the country and now in different parts of the world. 

Earlier in her career, Lee was the national director of corporate sales for Gold's Gym International. She designed and built the chain’s first corporate sales division and managed their national sales team. Prior to Gold's Gym, she was a co-owner of eight Austin-based World Gym locations and presented at IHRSA and Club Industry multiple times on business development in corporate wellness. 

 Lee spent her early years in the fitness industry as senior fitness director for the YMCA of Austin. In addition to being a Pilates Method Alliance certified teacher, she holds many other fitness certifications including Body Arts and Science, International (BASI), Z-Health Brain Based Movement Educator, Primal 7 Suspension Band Athletic Trainer and is an accredited fitness specialist with the national YMCA.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a specialization in dance.